International Students

We are experts at helping international students through the visa process. Our admissions team is ready and available to work with your application and registration process, as well as, help you with any questions you have regarding obtaining your international student visa. To be automatically eligible for a student visa, you must enroll in one of our Digital Filmmaking Programs – either the AAS Degree Program or the Professional Certificate. If you are are interested in one of our other courses (2-Week, 5-Week, 3-Month, and 6-Month Workshops), please inquire and based upon your individual circumstances, you may be eligible for a student visa.

If you have any questions please call the Admissions Department at 415.824.7000 or use the form on this page to contact us and find out more information on Film School International Students program.

To be eligible for enrollment at FilmSchoolSF, all applicants must meet our admissions requirements:

International Admissions Requirements

  • COMPLETED APPLICATION: Download an Application Form (PDF file Application form) International Students Application forms must be filled out completely, signed and dated.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: International applicants must submit official high school transcripts or diploma showing the Date of Graduation. Official college transcripts are acceptable and must verify Bachelor’s degree. If your transcripts are not in English, they must be translated and notarized by a translation service
  • AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT: Applicants and sponsor(s) must fill out this form and sign it. Photocopy is unacceptable. Download and complete the form (PDF file Affidavit of Support form)
  • BANK LETTER: Official/Original Bank Letter – A letter from your bank (or Sponsor’s bank) showing at least $38,000 USD. Bank letter must be in English. Photocopy is unacceptable.   Please note that U.S. Financial  Aid is not available for International Students. International students SHOULD NOT depend on employment in the U.S. for financial support while attending school.
  • TOEFL OR TOEIC SCORE: International Students with English as a second language will be required to submit a passing score on the Test on English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from a qualified testing center. You may submit your application for admissions before taking the test. Please visit these websites if you have not taken either of these tests: for TOEFL; for TOEIC Our institutional code is 3258.
  • PROFILE: On a separate sheet of paper please include an essay (1-2 pages) containing a brief personal history, the inspiration behind your desire to study at FilmSchoolSF, the skills and experience you would like acquire and why you think FilmSchoolSF program is right for you. This piece of your application is very important to the admissions process and will be a key piece to your potential acceptance
  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Please provide a letter of recommendation with their contact information, their relation to you (instructor, advisor, employer, or friend) and contact information. The persons you list does not need to be in a position that relates to the program to which you are applying. We are looking for a character reference. Please advise your reference that an Admissions Advisor may contact them.
  • SUBMIT DOCUMENTS: Mail the form with the $45 application fee (checks payable to FilmSchoolSF). International Admissions c/o FilmSchoolSF, 155 Sansome Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104

NOTE: You are responsible for following the guidelines set by your M-1 immigration status. Immigration rules and regulations change frequently, so it’s important that students stay in touch with their Admission Advisor, and review U.S. government websites regularly.

Learn more about immigration rules and regulations for Film School International Students here: