Film school ranking: FilmschoolSF better than top 20 USA film schools – Joyce Anastasia

November 22, 2006
San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking


Film School ranking

“After careful consideration, comparing and contrasting the top 20 film schools in the United States, I chose San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Why? First and foremost, the co-founders and instructors of the film school are passionate about their craft. They have worked in the field and speak directly from experience, rather than from theory alone. The film school co-founders teach the way they wish they had been taught and their enthusiasm is contagious!

With a rich background in Art and Psychology, I was not seeking a degree program, but one that provided hands-on in-the-trenches experience. There is no doubt that FilmSchoolSF highlights that approach. Almost literally, we experienced hands-on from Day 1!

As I share my experiences in conversations with colleagues and friends from the East Coast, I continued to be startled by the amount of information I have absorbed and how much I have yet to learn. Although, in the past, I have been involved in films in various capacities, I have never had the opportunity to combine my previous knowledge and skills simultaneously. It is very exciting to work in cooperation with a crew of fellow classmates who are assisting to bring to life each story – one that you are passionate about, that you created, directed and edited. Like giving birth and bringing new life into this world, it takes a community like FilmSchoolSF to create a film and do it well. Thank you!”

Film School Ranking by Joyce AnastasiaJoyce Anastasia, Founder at Lead By Wisdom. Her lifework combines the foundational aspects of spirituality, healing, psychology/parapsychology and creativity. Her work for Foundation for Global Humanity incorporated her love of people, cultural diversity and the evocation of the deep gifts we hold for our world. She is a creative filmmaker who notices subtle energies, reads people from their truth and honors sentient beings, the earth and its neighbors as ONE. This work incorporates the inner and outer realms, the way we engage in the world and the true sense of how “we walk our talk”. Through deep dialog, observational witnessing, heart-energy and sensitive interviewing, filming and editing, she is honored to work with this extraordinary team in service of humanity.
Joyce Anastasia directed (edited & wrote) short films: “Goodnight Gracie”, “Making a Difference: Hunter Lovins” & “Sustainable Solutions”/Director of Photography-5 films
• Asst. Director, Artistic Director, Asst. Editor & Actress for movies “Disconnected” & “Orphan”-NYC–Submitted to Sundance & Canne
• Artistic Director Digifest movie “Break-Out” Santa Fe, NM
• Research Director—Quilland Inc. for future films—Santa Fe, NM

Joyce Anastasia  is graduate of Digital Filmmaking Program

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