October 23, 2012
San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking

Andrea P., a grad of Class 11 from the one-year program, is still pinching herself over her recent film job. Hired as the 2nd Assistant Director for the feature documentary, “City of Light”, Andrea found herself in the midst of an ambitious, fast-paced shoot.

Her job description?

“I had to talk to everyone. I couldn’t hold back. If I had to talk to the Director or the D.P. or the make-up artist about timing, I had to push to expand my boundaries.”

Did she enjoyed the work?

“I didn’t sleep much, but I didn’t mind. I needed to accept I would make mistakes, take them in stride and move on. It was overwhelming, frustrating, challenging and thrilling. It was a great feeling. “

With this job under her belt, Andrea gets to build on her SFSDF education and prior film experiences. We’re thrilled for her! Go, Andrea!

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