Student testimonial from Cameron Lockwood (Class 14) 12-Month Digital Filmmaking Program

January 10, 2014
San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking

Tell us about your journey to find California filmmaking program at FilmSchoolSF.

After two years of interning at a production studio and working as a production assistant on feature length documentaries I realized that I needed to develop a stronger background and knowledge if I wanted to take the next step in filmmaking. I researched many different schools and programs but found very few programs that offered practical experience.

After finding FilmSchoolSF in California and coming to an information session I realized that this was the perfect place for me to grow my craft and learn about the practical side of filmmaking. I immediately enrolled in a 5-week course and just one month later started the year long film program.

Describe the 3 most valuable learnings or accomplishments you got from being here.

I had a great experience at FilmSchoolSF and grew both personally and professionally. The three most valuable things that I learned/accomplished while at FilmSchoolSF were:

  • Collaboration. I learned that in order to create a successful film you
    need to collaborate from the very beginning. One must take criticisms and
    questions to heart and adjust a story in order to make it appealing to a
    broad audience of people.
  • Preparation and communication. Preparation and communication are the key
    to any successful shoot. If you are unable to communicate your vision to
    your crew then you will never be able to achieve the look/tone/feel that
    you are striving for.
  • Confidence. Upon entering FilmSchoolSF I had a reasonable amount of
    experience in the industry but never felt confident that I could run a
    shoot or feel comfortable with terminology on set. After graduating I know
    that I can work with any professional crew and have the confidence to take
    leadership roles with larger productions.

Where do you see yourself and career as a filmmaker in the next 3 years?

My goal is to continue to work on my craft and write, shoot and edit as
much as I can. Currently, I am working on a Discovery Channel show as 2nd
AC and would like to progress into a 1st AC and eventually be able to
become a DP within 3 years.

What would you tell aspiring Fimmakers who are considering enrolling?

Be prepared to commit to pushing yourself and your classmates to your
limits. Filmmaking is not always easy and sometimes you will want to just
quit but lean on your classmates and the school’s faculty for help and
advice, because it is all worth it.

Cameron Lockwood (Class 14) 12-Month Digital Filmmaking Program

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